What do we do?

PayApi Projects provides services for both businesses and consumers. We help our customers with modern and secure financial technology and online development & analytics projects.

These services include software development, online and search engine development and analytics, social media analytics, consumer online and financial protection, encryption and cryptographic solutions, anti-fraud analysis, payment platform solutions, invoicing solutions and related services.

Examples of our ongoing customer cases are: customer-specific invoicing solution to send electronic invoices (credit-based), full online identity and web presence monitoring, search engine analytics & development, online wallet solution, online asset encryption and key storage service.

Customer Focused

We deliver and tailor the package based on customer needs. Your service is tailored and can be a one-time work or continuous subscription based.


Our service relies on high quality and customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the deliveries, let us know, and we will provide you a full refund.


You can pay for your services using your credit card or with normal IBAN transfers. We send you an invoice with link to online payments.